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Your Love Mentor

Chelsea Penner has been helping people improve their love life, relationships & dating since 2011.

Her interest in this area started when her parents got a divorce and she was determined to execute a different outcome in love. She received her degree in communication that emphasized in Gender communication, conflict resolution, family communication, interpersonal relationships, psychology, and how the media and advertising effects communication and relationships. She first started as a life coach and received a life coach certification. Then she started to specialize as a dating coach. Chelsea had a successful approach with her clients recommending to others and soon started doing interviews, podcasts, and branched out into relationship coaching and now an accredited love mentor with over 20 years of research and survey compilation from groups as large as 52,000. Her goal is for everyone to be more educated in the area of love and relationships to bring more satisfaction and fulfillment to their lives. If you receive the information she shares with an open mind and no ego, she guarantees you will improve your love life.

Chelsea Penner

Love Mentor

"There is no greater joy in life than connection, love and relationships, so why not learn how to do it well just like you have to learn how to do your job to provide for your livelihood. Any work you put into something you will reap the rewards. Chelsea did the heavy lifting to gather all this data, you can just watch and enjoy learning the key to unlock relationship success!
  • Accredited Love Mentor
  • Dating Coach
  • Relationship & Love Mentor
  • Heart Healing Coach
  • There is no greater joy in life than connection, love & relationships, so why not learn how to do it well!


A step-by-step guide to finally save (or improve) your relationship and love life.